Travel | Georgetown & The White House D.C.

As part of my travels, I headed to Washington D.C. for five days. D.C. is such an amazing city, and the amount of history one is surrounded with is amazing. I am a Modern History buff and find the establishment of the United States to be nothing short of fascinating, so getting the chance to explore this city on my own was very exciting!

While I was there, I also spent a lot of time around Georgetown. It's a gorgeous suburb full of three million dollar Georgian rowhouses and delectable designer stores, I was definitely in my element. I dropped some dollars in Banana Republic and J Crew (two of my favourites!) and drank at least five iced teas.

In addition to the White House, I went to a number of other monuments, but I have left those images for my next post.

Since D.C. I have been back to St Louis, spent two mind-blowing weeks in NYC, traveled to Israel via Switzerland and have spent the last week between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It's been an amazing trip so far and I still have a few weeks to go.

Now, onto the good stuff:


  1. Love your photos, particularly the last few. It's a great city and you've inspired me to visit. Ticket booked for Thursday!

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