Wed | Brianna & Tom | St Margaret's Miller's Point & L'Aqua Cockle Bay

Brianna is a sweet, smart and determined girl. Tom is a sweet, smart and determined boy. A teacher and a builder, they complement each other in so many ways that I can't seem to pick a particular one to focus on. All I know is that they're lovely, and that shooting their wedding was an absolute pleasure.

From the first time I met Brianna to discuss her big, traditional, wedding day, I loved her. She was friendly and kind and spoke so softly of Tom that I literally squealed when she decided to make me a part of her wedding day. I was even more excited when I met Tom and found he was just as lovely as Brianna had described him, and that he was fun to boot. Shooting their engagement session was a joy, as was shooting their wedding day.

Brianna and Tom met some years ago and many jokes were made about a first date at Subway. As it happens, the first date I ever went on was at Subway, but it certainly didn't turn out to be true love. My opinion of dates at Subway were actually changed by hearing the gorgeous stories told in speeches at Brianna and Tom's reception! Within days of meeting, both of them knew they had met 'the one' and have finally married some five years later. I am certain that life will be nothing but happy for them, because of their great sense of humour, their passion for life and each other and their comfort with each other.

Congratulations, Tom and Brianna, and thank-you so much for having me as your wedding photographer!

Now for the photos. Be prepared, it's possibly the biggest spread ever featured on this blog!


  1. Great job Hannah! Keep it up! I love the colours of this bridal party, and the little kids are SO cute! xo



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