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I am a Sydney girl, born and raised, but I love to travel! I love everything that my beautiful city has to offer from wonderful beaches and sandstone buildings – all perfect backdrops for doing what I love, photography!
I became a photographer because I love the opportunity it gives me to document the beauty in the ordinary and the extraordinary that life has to offer. Nothing makes me happier than being someone’s wedding or portrait photographer and delivering them timeless, natural and artistic images that are a true reflection of who they were on their wedding day, the first week’s of their child’s life or just on that very day they decided to have their photograph taken!
Here are five facts about me:
1. I baked the world’s greatest cupcakes (which get delivered to my clients!)
2. I can touch my nose with my tongue.
3. I am scared of snakes but will crawl in tall grass to get the perfect photo!
4. I believe that a little black dress and pearl earrings are a girl’s best friend.
5. I believe there is nothing greater than love and the opportunity to document it in all its forms: marriage, friendship, family. It’s all beautiful.
I have to admit that my favourite part of being a photographer is meeting new people and getting to be a part of their lives by giving them memories that truly last a lifetime. If you would like to make a time to meet me, just shoot me an email and I’ll get right back to you.

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