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I know that planning a wedding, though fun, is tough too! There are many questions to ask, so I have compiled some of my most frequently asked questions to make your planning just that little bit easier.
Where are you located? What if I don’t live in Sydney?
I ama Sydney girl, born and raised in the fine Harbour City. While Sydney wedding photography forms the core of my business, I absolutely love to travel! I have shot clients in the Hunter Valley, NSW Southern Highlands, Melbourne and Victoria’s Yarra Valley. I’ve shot for a number of portrait clients in America and Israel, and I’d love the opportunity to shoot a wedding overseas! If you’d like me to travel for your wedding, just shoot me an email and we can work it out!
How would you describe your shooting style? 
My first photographic loves were fashion photography and photojournalism. So my style of  wedding photography has developed with photojournalism and fashion at its core. My goal when shooting your wedding is to capture moments as they happen, creating beautiful candid images for you to treasure, combined with creative portraiture that is subtly posed when necessary. The result is fine art photojournalism with a fashionable edge.
Do you shoot full-day weddings? 
I do! While my package options allow for coverage from six hours up to ten hours, you are more than welcome to add extra hours for additional coverage. I find that twelve or thirteen hours is the sweet spot for most of my clients, and I love love love the opportunity to cover wedding days from the start to the very sweet end! I love being a wedding photographer as well as being your friend, so getting to share you day with you while doing what I love is a pleasure!
Do you use a second photographer? Will you definitely be my primary photographer? 
I personally love to work as part of a team, so all my collections include the services of an associate photographer. My second shooters are all pulled from a pool of experienced, highly competent and reliable pool of contacts located within Sydney and I absolutely trust them to be a part of my team. I feel that having an associate on my team allows me to offer you additional candid coverage that would otherwise be difficult for me to capture, unless I grew some extra arms and eyes in the back of my head, that is!
If you book Hannah Lundberg Photography for your wedding photography, you will get me as your primary photographer. I work as a boutique service provider reliant on building a close relationship with my clients. As such, I never send an associate in my place. However, in the very unlikely case that I were to fall ill or be unable to photograph your wedding for any reason, my associate would be the first port of call in finding a replacement.
Will we get a disc of our images? What about RAW files? 
All my wedding collections include a disc with high resolution, edited JPEG files of your wedding photographs. All of the images on your disc are colour-corrected, edited and optimised ready for printing at a number of recommended retail locations. Not only that, I make one colour folder and one black and white folder (using my special B&W recipe) so that you have choices when it comes to printing your photographs! How’s that for service?
While I shoot RAW in-camera for its higher image quality, I never deliver RAW files to clients. RAW files are only readable by certain programs such as Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom and require a number of editing steps in order to be ready for print. I don’t offer my RAW files because I want to give you a finished, polished wedding photography product that you can take into any print lab and order prints with no problems at all.
How many photos will we get? Will we get every single photo you take on our wedding day? 
I anticipate delivering about four hundred photos for an eight hour wedding. I often deliver more and can’t recall delivering less. The number of photographs delivered depends a lot on the way your wedding day runs. Each wedding is unique, and so is the number of images delivered for each wedding.
I do not deliver every image taken at a wedding. I see my role of photographer as being that of storyteller. When I come home and look at all the images taken on your wedding day, I immediately cull all ‘blinky’ images and curate a collection of beautiful images that truly tell the story of your wedding day.
Can we cut out the engagement session from your collections to save money? 
Sorry, I include engagement sessions as a gift to give us a chance to get to know each other better. If you choose not to have an engagement session, I will not be able to discount your collection choice. Plus, why don’t you want a session? Now’s your time to do something way-cute to make your grandkids go ‘awww, they were so gorgeous!’ in years to come.
Do we really need an album? Isn’t that what Facebook is for? 
You really want an album, I promise you! Many people have told me that they regretted not getting their wedding album designed by their photographer and that their images from years ago are still sitting on a disc, largely forgotten. Just like I only deliver edited, print-ready files on your disc, I believe in albums being important so that you have something tangible to truly tell the story of your day, perfect for sharing with family, friends and each other for years to come.
If you’re really sure you don’t want an album, I do a limited number of digital packages each year. Run, don’t walk!
Do you have insurance? 
Yes, I have public liability insurance to the value of ten million dollars. I also have equipment insurance. However, please don’t try and trip me up or play games with my gear, because dealing with insurance companies makes me a very sad panda.
What do you wear to shoot a wedding? 
I generally wear some kind of nice pants or longish skirt on the bottoms and a light coloured top. I go for light colours so that in addition to being your wedding photographer, I can also be a human reflector to make your photos extra creamy and gorgeous-looking.
Do you have any favourite words? 
I love words. They’re awesome. There are so many that I love, some ‘real’, so less ‘real’, but here’s my Top Five: Awesomesauce, defenestrate (look it up!), amazing, antidisestablishmentarianism (again, look it up!) and love. Amazeballs is a favourite, too.

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